Who are we?

Meet the crazies!

We’re three Dutch girls obsessed with all things books; we even dedicated a day once a year to just book hauls and reading to each other. Besides sharing a love for books from a very young age and ancient shared pseudonyms, we also share the love for a small turtle; Stoffel! We have been carrying him around with us everywhere, like our own personal mascotte. That turtle has seen everything…

We’re probably best described as self-confessed bibliophiles, book addicts, antique page sniffers, hopeless romantics, library card collectors, broke book buyers, religiously reading, professional fangirls, believers of magic on every page, time travellers, book lovers, story tellers, and mostly just bookworms united.

Bella G. Bear


Hello, I live in the city of Wageningen with a lot of trees and nature. Those things are supposed to be very inspirational, so I am probably really creative. And besides there is not much else to do in this town anyway.

Besides reading my love extends itself to writing, sociology, making stuff with my own hands, nature, playing the drums loudly, smoke and anything that makes me believe in humankind. My lesser loves are riding my orange bike, penguins, anything with alcohol and my plushies Sylvia and Plati.

Books are good as long as they contain words, black humor, sarcasm, great use of language or some smart stuff that makes me smarter. I do not like people who degrade the awesomeness of comics or who make other ignorant conclusions about the world in general. Comics are awesome because they tell stories with art! And the world is pretty great as well in general.

Thura Nightingale


Hello. Basically anything I say sounds sarcastic, hence my love for books with a sarcastic undertone. I met my friends at school in the beautiful city of Groningen, where I’m currently studying theology, after studying history for a while. I love painting, baseball, tomatoes, singing, all music really (really love my guitar. His name is Luke), bookbinding, ice cream (!!!), rugby, everything English, beautiful words, complex languages, tea and other liquids, hiking, my dog, the victorian age, conspiracy theorists (they amuse me so), brainteasers, old churches and new cities.

But let’s skip all that and get to the important part; books! I read a lot of english poetry, french philosophy, fancy myself a genius with lots of crime novels, children’s books, fantasy and classic literature. I live for the escape of dreaming of other realms, where magic is normal and unimaginative mindless capitalism is myth.

Jo Robin


Hey, I’m Jo and I’m studying history in the great city of Groningen, am an aspriring journalist and a dedicated lover of all things turtly or tortoisy (with the exception of things MADE out of actual turtles, I hate those). I like sewing, writing and the Interbellum. I do not like woodlice and public speaking.

I love reading non-fiction, especially biographies, also fantasy novels with well-developed characters and detailed worlds, anything cynical and everything with beautiful language or historical references. I read rather slowly (it’s not a crime, more of a frustration) so the mount of books next to my bed is in danger of crushing my head in the near future. But until that day, I’d love to tell you what I thought about the books I did finish!

Stoffel Stoffelson

Stoffel the lord

And meet the handsome turtle with world domination on his mind. Reading is knowledge, knowledge is power. He knows it, so why wait? Pick up a book!

5 thoughts on “Who are we?”

    1. I grew up with theology, as my father is a theologian and a minister, but I never planned on studying theology myself. That is until I lived and worked with very special people who worked from the church to help refugees in every sense. This is when I learned that theology can have a very practical effect and meaning, even rebelling against the world as it is right now, and it’s not just an academic study. I have always been interested in the more academic and dogmatic side of theology, but I found my calling through the work I did back then. After a while, it became clear to me that theology was what I should do and I want to do good in the world through my studies and future work. So in short, it interests me highly and I believe God has called me to do this.

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